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  • Congratulations to Anissa Scott!!

    Congratulations to Anissa Scott!!

    We would like to Welcome/Congratulate Anissa Scott on winning the 2018 IBJJF World Master 3 Female Blue Belt Championship in Las Vegas and accepting our invitation to join ClubBoost's Sponsored...

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  • ClubBoost Ladies Samurai Sports Bra

    ClubBoost Fully Sublimated Ladies Samurai Shorts Features: Athletic Fit - A snug contour fit for high-octane activity! Moisture Wicking - Pulls moisture away from the body for drier comfort. Polyester /Spandex...

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  • A Little Information on Sponsorships

    1. Types of athletic sponsorships The literal definition of a sponsor is a person or organization that provides the funds for a project or activity to be carried out by...

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  • ClubBoost MMA Gloves Are Here!

    We have developed and put the gloves to the test which passed with Flying Colors!( Spangled Shorts Pun Intended)

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  • The truth about sponsorships

    Sponsorships are really exciting for both parties involve, the Sponsor (Company)  and the Sponsored (Athlete). It's an agreement between two parties that states what will be given to the Athlete...

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