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Cutting weight has long been ingrained in the culture of professional combat sports.  Today the vast majority of fighters still seek to exploit the day before weigh-ins and by cutting weight, give themselves a clear size and strength advantage over their opponents.  Believe it or not, some fighters worry more about making weight than they do about their opponent.  Cutting weight can undoubtedly be a cruel process and it’s no secret that it isn’t always undertaken in the most professional manner.  Some athletes will practically starve themselves, use saunas or sweat suits and some have even taken drugs amongst other...

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Tips how to choose the right size double end bag and incorporate two different techniques into your training. Ringside's own Albert Guardado Jr. walks you through selecting the correct bag and utilizing this indispensable tool to improve your reach, movement and defense. Albert's boxing background includes: 3 Time US Championship Gold Medalist National Police Athletic League Tournament Gold Medalist World Championships Bronze Medalist Goodwill Games Bronze Medalist Olympic Festival Gold Medalist Pan-Am Games Bronze Medalist 1996 Member U.S. Olympic Team   Visit Ringside for Professional Boxing Gear for all!

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Being a fighter takes a special combination of skill and will, power and finesse and an unmatched physical and mental toughness.  Boxing requires a resolve to not only survive, but thrive in any situation you’re faced with.  From technique to tenacity, these are the most important characteristics of any great fighter. THE JAB A well-delivered, well-timed jab can dictate the pace, the intensity and outcome of a fight like no other punch.  It can serve as the fighter’s first line of offense and best defensive weapon against an incoming attack.  It can nullify the power of a puncher.  It can...

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