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Don’t Roll With White Belts!

Written by ClubBoost .Com


Posted on December 05 2014

It’s no secret that higher belts choose to avoid White Belts at all cost in some schools. One of the common reasons is White belt’s spaz every roll, and end up hurting you, them or both parties. While this may be partially true, it also identifies an issue with a lack of training or discipline in the student since they are new. This is something that is commonly known within the Jiu Jitsu community, and should be handled from the beginning. There’s nothing more disheartening than being avoided at a gym, especially when you’re looking to integrate into a new environment that should become your home away from home. Now here’s the part that should be of some use. If you are the higher belt and you have identified someone needing guidance,tell everyone in class to avoid him! JUST KIDDING!! Talk to the White belt, and find out how things are going. Ask them what they think they are good at, and what they need help drilling? During the conversation, you can explain the significance of taking things slow at first until they have an understanding of how to move. Also emphasize out how controlled movements help keep everyone “somewhat” injury free, and allow the journey to continue. After this conversation, if they are still showing spaz traits send them over to the Cobra Kai! Identifying a member of the Cobra Kai You know who they are in the gym. They are the one’s who won’t make eye contact with White belts until they feel like they are ready to bring the pain to an unknowing soul on the mats. karate-kid-cobrakai You never know who that White Belt may become  Not everyone learns at the same pace or same way. Some White belts in BJJ hold Black belts in other martial arts, and have a great understanding of how to gain and retain techniques. You might be surprise what you can learn from masters of other arts. Question: What cured you of your Spaz affliction?



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