Staying Consistent with Help

We have all made resolutions and goals either this year or previous years without staying true to them. Some are able to accomplish goals by utilizing Social Media sites such as Facebook,Pinterest and others.  Which ever you choose make sure you commit to something in order to keep you focused and help you get back on track when you have that common off moment.  Here's ways to help you keep going. 1. Facebook: Everytime you complete your workout post it on your status. Use this as an incentive for you to brag about the handwork you just completed.
Example: Another 3 Mile Run in the Sun Completed!
As much as some of your Friends may be annoyed at first, they will eventually find themselves somewhat motivated or at least consider their own health for a split moment.  Eventually when you start to slow down, you may be encourage by others who post similar status updates bragging about their accomplishments. 2. Pinterest: Naturally  we are humans, and often stimulated visually. This is where Pinterest comes in to play. Search for terms to find something to motivate you.

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