Assessing The Health Benefits Of Omega-3

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Assessing The Health Benefits Of Omega-3

Omega-3’s, the fatty acids, found in cold water fish, plant oils, some nuts and leafy green vegetables, are known for their health boosting properties. They’ve been linked with reduced heart disease, improved energy levels and better brain function including reduced levels of depression. It is no surprise then that sales of Omega-3 fish oil supplements are strong. But many people are confused about how much is enough, and recent research raises some new questions about overall health benefits. Please join us to discuss what Omega-3 fatty acids actually do in our bodies, how much we need, and how to best to get them. Listen to the Podcast of The Diane Rehm Show Below...


Majid Fotuhi
Chair of the Neurology Institute for Brain Health and Fitness, and assistant professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
Paul Coates
Director of the Office of Dietary Supplements at National Institutes of Health.
Thomas Sherman
Associate professor of pharmacology at Georgetown University Medical Center.
Susan Allport
Journalist and author of "The Queen of Fats" [audio src=""] Source

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