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G1210 Gameness AIR Gi Blue

Product Description The new Gameness Air may be the lightest BJJ Gi in the world. Our comb weave is made from preshrunk cotton and has ripstop pants. See the approximate weights below in white. A1 2.6 lbs A2 2.8 lbs A3 2.9 lbs A4 3.2 lbs A5 3.5 lbs.  Belt sold separately.

What makes a jiu-jitsu gi different from other martial arts gis?

At first glance a jiu-jitsu gi (bjj gi) looks much like a gi used in other martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do. But upon closer inspection, you will notice that the bjj gi is very different. A quality gi will be much more durable and have features such as triple stitching, a heavier collar, and reinforcements in key areas such as the knees. Bjj Gis also have patches that add style and color to the gi. A traditional TKD gi wouldn't last any time in a jiu-jitsu program. Spending a little more money on the right gi can save an embarrassing episode in your next Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training session. What's the difference between Bjj Gi weaves? Jiu-jitsu gis come in many weaves. A weave describes the process by which the cotton fabric is constructed. Some weaves are designed to be ultra-light weight, such as the Gameness Air Gi (a comb weave) and others are heavier double weaves such as the Gameness Platinum Gi (a gold weave). A lighter bjj gi will help you hit your target weight before competition and provide for a more comfortable training session. A heavier jiu-jitsu gi can be almost indestructible and will last for a very long time. Some like the feel of a heavier gi while others like the freedom that a lighter weave gives them. You can also find weaves that are in-between, such as the pearl weave used in the Gameness Pearl Gi and Gameness Feather Gi. In choosing a particular weave, it is important to consider variables like breathability, temperatures in which training takes place, and personal preference on fit and weight. A heavier weave is more traditional in BJJ. Some people prefer one weave for training and a different weave for competition.

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