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Jim "The Beast" Alers Facebook Q&A Day- UFC Fight Night 45

Written by ClubBoost .Com


Posted on May 23 2014

Jim "The Beast" Alers held a Facebook Q&A today to allow an all access to his fans,    and while there's a couple entertaining questions that can be read we decided to highlight the question regarding his upcoming fight. Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 2.18.06 PM MMA Mad Hi Jim, you are currently on a 9 fight win streak spanning 5 organizations. Your next fight against Lucas Martins is undoubtedly your toughest test to date. What problems do you see Martins posing to you in the fight in New Jersey?
Jim " The Beast" Alers I think I have every advantage in this fight MMA Mad. He has never fought out of Brazil, he has never fought in the featherweight division and he has never fought The Beast. I believe that he is a tough opponent though and his strength is definitely his stand up. I have already been putting together a game plan to neutralize that.
 This will be a match to watch on the upcoming UFC Fight Night 45.   



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