Interested in being sponsored by ClubBoost?

Being able to contribute and support another person striving to accomplish their goals brings joy to us.
“A successful relationship is one that both parties excel”

When a company sponsors an athlete they look to pair the athlete’s image and characteristics with their company’s. This means that if an athlete is hard working and dedicated, a company will sponsor this athlete in order to make sure people see the company as also hard working and dedicated. Consumers purchase athlete endorsed products because of what the athlete represents to the consumer. If a consumer has grown to trust, respect and adore an athlete, they will also trust, respect and adore the company endorsed by the athlete.

So what does that mean to you? Being sponsored means:
  1. Speaking highly (and, hopefully, genuinely) about ClubBoost and our products
  2. Promoting your relationship when having the media’s attention
  3. Continuing and improving your athletic achievements
  4. Engaging with ClubBoost activities online and offline
  5. Providing exposure to ClubBoost by putting our logo on equipment/social media
  6. Attending events, gatherings and galas requested by ClubBoost
  7. Create exciting and engaging content on social media and including ClubBoost logo or links to our website

Types of Sponsorship

There’s 4 common sponsorship tiers. 
For Tier 2- through 4  sponsorship types we would like to gain on what we have invested in sponsorship. In a nutshell, we look to get an ROI – return on investment – for your sponsorship.

  • Tier 1  : “Donation/Contribution” – a person or organization contributes a funds to the cause or activity. Essentially this is a one way transaction with perhaps a small thank you note going back to the sponsor.
  • Tier 2 : “Shop Sponsorship” – A local store or company would provide the athlete with free or discounted gear/equipment
  • Tier 3 : “Amateur Sponsorship” – Free or discounted equipment/gear and also some financial compensation for travel expenses or competition fees.
  • Tier 4 : “Professional Sponsorship” – Equipment, expenses covered and a paycheck.

Still Interested in Sponsorship?