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We only have Tier 1 and Tier 2 Level Sponsorship at this time.

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Tier 1 Donation/Contribution

Tier 1  : “Donation/Contribution” – a person or organization contributes a funds to the cause or activity. Essentially this is a one way transaction with perhaps a small thank you note going back to the sponsor.

Tier 2 : Shop Sponsorship

Tier 2 : “Shop Sponsorship” – A local store or company would provide the athlete with free or discounted gear/equipment.

Tier 3 : Amateur Sponsorship

Tier 3 : “Amateur Sponsorship” – Free or discounted equipment/gear and also some financial compensation for travel expenses or competition fees..

Tier 4 : Professional Sponsorship

Tier 4 : “Professional Sponsorship” – Equipment, expenses covered and a paycheck..