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    ClubBoost Limited Edition “You’ll Choke Too” Rashguard Short Sleeve

    $44.95 $25.00

    The ClubBoost Limited Edition “You’ll Choke Too”  Rashguard Short Sleeve is a one of a kind design, offered exclusively by

    “You’ll Choke Too”

    Mens Comp Rash Guard 1.0


    ClubBoost BW Competition Rash Guard 1.0 LongSleeve


    • IBJJF Compliance Designed
    • ClubBoost Signature Design and Quality
    • Athletic Fit – A snug contour fit for high-octane activity!
    • Moisture Wicking – Pulls moisture away from the body for drier comfort.
    • Polyester /Spandex Blend – Improved air-flow to help maintain a balanced core body temperature.
    • Star Performance – Quality Athletic wear to help you achieve peak performance!
    • Sublimated for Longevity without the peeling

    What are some of the benefits of a Sublimated Rash Guard?

    • Colors can be extraordinarily brilliant
    • Images are permanent and do not peel or fade
    • Dye do not build up on the fabric



    Showing all 2 results