ClubBoostBJJ GOC Ladies Rash Guard Long Sleeve

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ClubBoostBJJ GOC Ladies Rash Guard Gold Long Sleeve -  This is our newest release with an updated material makeup to truly set our Rash Guards apart from others. Designed to meet the IBJJF No GI Guidelines while meeting the outstanding expectations and reputation of ClubBoost products.

  • IBJJF Compliance Designed
  • ClubBoost Signature Design and Quality
  • Athletic Fit – A snug contour fit for high-octane activity!
  • Moisture Wicking – Pulls moisture away from the body for drier comfort.
  • Polyester /Spandex Blend – Improved air-flow to help maintain a balanced core body temperature.
  • Star Performance – Quality Athletic wear to help you achieve peak performance!
  • Sublimated for Longevity without the peeling
What are some of the benefits of a Sublimated Rash Guard?
  • Colors can be extraordinarily brilliant
  • Images are permanent and do not peel or fade
  • Dye do not build up on the fabric