About Us

Started in Houston, Texas in 2012, ClubBoost is a community based athletic apparel company for running, yoga, jiu-jitsu, fitness training and other living life to the fullest activities.


ClubBoost is a motivational driven, athletic apparel company for women, men and the youth. The movement started with a need to create superb apparel with unique designs, to represent the many facets of athletes.

Our logo represents the boost of energy, drive and passion we put into our apparel and focus on motivating everyone that’s making an attempt to take their fitness to the next level.


Our first designs were made for Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners. Through plenty of feedback from our customers, ambassadors and elite athletes, we now create next level apparel for grappling, yoga, mma, running, and total fitness training. We only make items that we would wear ourselves!


Our core is derive by the fact that we are free-thinking individuals with different tastes, aesthetics, opinions and backgrounds working together to create a culture filled with a positive mindset to provide motivation to others!

“Work hard, laugh often, and collaborate with people of outstanding character.”