Jim “The Beast” Alers Facebook Q&A Day- UFC Fight Night 45

Jim “The Beast” Alers held a Facebook Q&A today to allow an all access to his fans,    and while there’s a couple entertaining questions that can be read we decided to highlight the question regarding his upcoming fight.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 2.18.06 PM

MMA Mad Hi Jim, you are currently on a 9 fight win streak spanning 5 organizations. Your next fight against Lucas Martins is undoubtedly your toughest test to date. What problems do you see Martins posing to you in the fight in New Jersey? (more…)


How to Take Care of Rash guards, Compression Pants (Spats), and Gi’s

Rash guards and Compression Pants (Spats) are made with a blend of Polyester and  Spandex. This material is durable outside and soft/insulating on the inside. It features a push-pull moisture transfer design, drawing perspiration from the skin to evaporate on the fabric’s surface.

To properly care for your Rash guards and Compression Pants:

  • Machine wash cold, hang dry
  • Wash Separately from other clothes
  • Do not iron
  • Do not use fabric softeners
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry clean



30 Days of High Intensity Interval Training by Neila Rey

30 Days of HIIT is a visual no-equipment fitness program designed for higher burn in a shorter period of time. If you’re looking for weight loss or muscle tone or just improved endurance but haven’t got a lot of spare time on your hands, then this program is the right one for you. Different HIIT routines will (more…)


In Honor of ToughAsNails MMA of Oviedo,FL

This weekend the ToughAsNails MMA (Fight Sports) BJJ Team of Oviedo, FL competed in the IBJJF Boca Raton Open Championship and achieved their goal of bringing home a few medals to add to the showcase! In honor of ToughAsNails we would like to dedicate this week as “Crush It” week.

Whatever you do, rather it’s running, boxing, Zumba, or JiuJitsu, do it with a purpose. Attack it as if you are trying to do it better than you have ever in the past, and better than you ever will!!

Crush It!

Boca Raton International Open 2014 Final Results

Academies Results

Boca Raton International Open 2014

1 – Fight Sports – 259

2 – American Top (more…)


Jim “The Beast” Alers Captures His First UFC Win

Jim Alers (13-1 MMA, 1-0 UFC) earns his first UFC win as a featherweight at UFC Fight Night 39 in Abu Dhabi and extends his current winning streak to eight.  We congratulate Jim on his win and we know that his family at Tough As Nails MMA (more…)


5 Important Components of Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is the ability to function effectively throughout your workday, perform your usual other activities and still have enough energy left over to handle any extra stresses or emergencies which may arise.

The components of physical fitness are:

* Cardiorespiratory (CR) endurance – the efficiency with which the body delivers oxygen and nutrients needed for muscular activity and transports waste products from (more…)


Neila Rey / Meanrat 30 Days of Change v2.0 No Equipment

Download the Complete 30 Days of Change v2.0 Exercises

This program is designed to change your eating and exercise habits as well as the way you look and feel – in a month. The program requires consistency and dedication no matter how tired or busy you are.

Different daily workouts will ensure that your body doesn’t adapt to the same routine so you’ll (more…)


How to make yourself exercise every day and why

How to make yourself exercise every day and why
Here, there is some magic sparkling dust that you can sprinkle all over yourself and instantly feel energized and eager to get up and work it, work it like there is no tomorrow. Or, here is a magic pill that gives you an itch until you go and work it off running here and there like the Energizer bunny. And (more…)